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Our aim is to make poverty history in Africa. To meet internationally agreed poverty reduction targets, rich countries have promised debt relief agreed to make available 0.7% of their national income to the poor nations of the world including many African countries. Reports show that the debts of 36 poor countries were cancelled in 2006. But many more continue to suffer. Aid to Africa is slowly increasing, but poverty in Africa remains

“A scar on the conscience of the world”

African Aid

Our Vision

Aidaction Africa places women and children at the centre of development and will work in partnership with existing organisations and with local people to reduce poverty, provide adequate education and control disease to ensure improved living standards.

Aidaction Africa believes that by empowering and equipping women with the right tools and techniques, they will be able in turn to manage the available natural resources, provide adequate education and vocational training to their children, address the healthcare needs of the community and achieve economic well-being.

Aidaction Africa will create opportunities for women to access economic resources, get access to credit, gain employment in the formal sector and earn equal pay for equal work.

Aidaction Africa will equip women with the financial, marketing and business skills to allow them to create and manage profitable businesses.

Aidaction Africa aims to provide grass roots education in the areas of environmental protection, natural resources conservation and sex education, where families will learn the basic techniques of preventing, dealing with and controlling the spread of disease, including HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

As health facilities are poorly provided and sometimes inaccessible to certain communities, Aidaction Africa will operate mobile health care facilities to insure health for all.

Aidaction Africa aims to reduce crime and increase personal safety by reducing the causes that drive people to criminal activity.

Aidaction Africa work with vulnerable children and adults.

Aidaction Africa offers help to African people who are currently living in the UK who wish to return home.

Aidaction Africa recognises that the elderly are a valuable resource for communities and will extend care to them as well as the young.

Aidaction Africa will help provide transport, water, sanitation, food and agriculture in Africa.

Aidaction Africa works to combat climate change and promotes the use of sustainable resources.

Aidaction Africa works with service projects to advance human rights and improve the status of women by providing information, support and services to people in need who have long term illnesses and to their families and carers.

Aidaction Africa helps with computer literacy, AIDs care, disabilities, drug awareness, medical emergencies and food services. We also hope to improve children's education, the treatment of orphans and general family care.