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Our aim is to make poverty history in Africa. To meet internationally agreed poverty reduction targets, rich countries have promised debt relief agreed to make available 0.7% of their national income to the poor nations of the world including many African countries. Reports show that the debts of 36 poor countries were cancelled in 2006. But many more continue to suffer. Aid to Africa is slowly increasing, but poverty in Africa remains

“A scar on the conscience of the world”

Relieve Poverty In Africa

Our Principles

To work as an international, independent, multicultural and non-political organization to help Africa.

To use the best available scientific information to address issues and critically evaluate all our endeavours.

To seek productive dialogue and avoid unnecessary confrontation.

To build and create concrete business solutions through a combination of field based projects, policy initiatives, capacity building and educational development.

To involve local communities and indigenous people in a participatory approach to the planning and execution of programmes and projects respecting their culture as well as economic needs.

To work at all times in partnership with other organizations, government departments, businesses and local communities in insure effective service delivery.

To run Aidaction Africa and its operations in a cost effective manner and apply donors' funds according to the highest standards of accountability.