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Our aim is to make poverty history in Africa. To meet internationally agreed poverty reduction targets, rich countries have promised debt relief agreed to make available 0.7% of their national income to the poor nations of the world including many African countries. Reports show that the debts of 36 poor countries were cancelled in 2006. But many more continue to suffer. Aid to Africa is slowly increasing, but poverty in Africa remains

“A scar on the conscience of the world”

Help People & Children In Africa

Our Objectives

To help people in Africa by the relief of the financial hardships by making grants of money to provide or pay for items, services or facilities.

To relieve the needs of people from Africa resident in the UK by the provision of advice, guidance education, training and other services.

The promotion of equality, diversity and racial and religious harmony for the public benefit by:

  1. Promoting activities to foster understanding between people from diverse backgrounds and to promote good relations
  2. help people in Africa by promoting knowledge and mutual understanding between different racial and religious groups

The charity has the following powers, which may be exercised only in promoting our objectives to help people in Africa:

  • To provide advice, resources and services to those affected by adverse social and economic circumstances.
  • To set up and administer educational establishments.
  • To establish and maintain small scale economic development projects.
  • To establish mentoring programmes to equip people for life.
  • To provide programmes to help reintegration of marginalised and excluded people back into society.
  • To facilitate, encourage and empower men and women into work through the provision of various support initiatives.
  • To promote and organise programmes to engage with young people in the community.
  • To develop, equip and empower people to be people of integrity in order to face the challenges associated with their roles in society.
  • To support, administer, set up or co-operate with other charities, voluntary organisations, clubs and institutions.
  • To acquire, merge with or enter into any joint venture or arrangement with any other charitable or not-for-profit organisation established for or sharing our objective to help people in Africa.
  • To establish, promote, federate, amalgamate, affiliate or co-operate with and subscribe to any association, society, company, institution or trust which shall be charitable at law and to purchase or otherwise acquire and undertake all or part of the property, assets, liabilities and engagements of any such association, society, company, institution or trust provided the same is charitable or otherwise prohibits the payment of any dividend or profit to and the distribution of any of their assets among their members at least to the same extent as such payments or distributions are prohibited in the case of members of the charity by this memorandum of association.
  • To cause to be written and printed or otherwise reproduced, distributed and circulated gratuitously or otherwise periodicals, magazines, books, journals, leaflets or other documents, films, DVDs, recorded tapes, CDs or other media which are desirable for the promotion of the charity and its objectives.
  • To commission, arrange, prepare, print, publish, issue and disseminate any programme pamphlet, book, documentary film recording or other artistic work and to fix, make and receive fees, royalties and other charges therefore and for admission to and otherwise in respect of any exhibition performance or display.
  • To hold exhibitions, meetings, lectures, classes, seminars and courses either alone or with others and to disseminate the proceedings and papers given at such events.
  • To purchase, sell, exchange or otherwise obtain or dispose of any equipment and materials.
  • To raise funds to help people in Africa; in doing so the charity will not undertake any substantial trading activity.
  • To provide resources applicable to the promotion of our objectives to help Africa.
  • To issue appeals, hold public meetings and take such other steps as may be required for the purpose of procuring contributions to the funds of the charity in the shape of donation, subscriptions, grants or otherwise.